Fall Break in Pensacola

My fall break ended yesterday so now I’m back to reality, but I had the best time over my break. Saturday morning my boyfriend and I packed up the car and headed south to Pensacola. The weeks that led up to our trip worried us because we didn’t know if the storms would cause us […]

Word of the Day

Hey guys, so I really want to start improving my vocabulary. Not only so I can improve my writing, but I also want to start implementing new words into my everyday speech. There’s something so frustrating when you’re having a conversation with someone and they effortlessly are able to slip a word in and you […]


Two months ago I went to the dermatologist to have two moles removed. I got a phone call about a month ago that one of the moles came back malignant. I went back yesterday to have that one looked at again. Little did I know, I would walk out with about 22 stitches in my […]